Products that improve human health and life quality

Next generation product platform technology


Our research and development activities focus on innovative products and care to optimize people’s health for longevity and wellness. With nutrigenomics, it is now possible to deliver personalized solutions and products utilizing knowledge on how nutrition affects our genes and how genetic variations react to the food we eat. Nutrigenomics already transform how gene expression modifies and modulates the use of macronutrients and micronutrients for metabolic reactions, balance and growth.


Genevia Lifesciences, delivers innovative products and solutions based on deep research, rigid testing and meaningful results. Research and Development allows us to embrace the data available and develop new ideas and technologically advanced products, that can be of great value to people’s health and wellness. Through strategic partnerships and global collaborations, we test the known boundaries seeking to provide new products that improve human health and life quality.


We use large volume data for strategic decisions and insight gain for product development and optimization. The challenges are known volume of data from variable sources, variety of data collected and speed of data streams. Our strategy is very specific. The use of analytics spans through all departments from research, technical and manufacturing to sales and marketing for cutting edge products and services for our customers and business partners.