Gobi Gold Daily Balancer ®

Genevia Lifesciences, following a 2-year-research on nutrient content changes of food over the past 50 years, human consumption statistics and environmental influences on food quality, developed an innovative supplement specifically formulated to balance the daily nutrient needs of individuals.

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® is a world leading, certified formulation, developed to assist humans achieve optimum body and mind function.

Developed under the highest Swiss standards of quality, technology and control.



Product Journey

In developing a world leading solution, for optimum body and mind function, we faced 3 significant challenges:


Research and development for an effective formulation to address the issue

The Swiss designed Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® formula, is a complete nutrient synthesis that addresses the decline of quality and nutrient content in food, based on research.

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® replenishes the organism with the specific nutrients missing from food and assists in achieving a balanced diet.

We succeeded to combine materials with different properties and technical characteristics; the essential polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA from fish oil and the needful vitamins and minerals, in a clear and transparent formulation.

Our scientific team, was committed to deliver a product, where all components of the product could be visualized by our customers and we reached our goal.


Development of an absorption efficient product

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® advanced hard capsule technology from fish gelatin, seals hermetically the fat and water soluble nutrients of the product within a natural environment. Following ingestion, maximum absorption of nutrients and effectiveness are achieved. The fish gelatin capsule results in fast disintegration in the gastric medium, releasing the fat soluble ingredients of the product. The fatty vehicle of polyunsaturated fatty acids assists in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins. The delayed release vitamin and mineral pellets, are slowly released, absorbed by the intestinal wall, for better tolerability and effectiveness. High quality nutrients are circulated into the blood stream and into the cells required for various processes of the body.

Poor absorption and low quality Ingredients are the main causes of low effectiveness in regular supplements. To achieve maximum effectiveness and product benefits, the appropriate combination of high quality nutrients and the technologically advanced formula, are of equal importance.


Delivering a complete solution for daily, long-term use

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® delivers a complete solution for daily long-term use without exceeding the recommended daily allowance of the nutrients it contains and assists to achieve a long-term balanced diet.