Genevia Lifesciences AG, Switzerland, a pioneer in the research and development of innovative products, has officially launched in September 2021 the Gobi Gold Daily Balancer®, a scientifically advanced multivitamin to balance nutrition. The launch took place in the United Kingdom, a very demanding market.

Genevia Lifesciences with the use of an innovative capsule in capsule manufacturing technology managed to incorporate, previously incompatible essential nutrients, fat-soluble omega-3 with water-soluble vitamins and minerals in a single capsule, made 100% from fish gelatin.

To optimize the effectiveness of the product, Genevia Lifesciences incorporated a pellet manufacturing technology that is traditionally used in pharmaceuticals, known as Precision Release Technology. With the use of this technology, the essential nutrients are released in the small intestine at a predetermined rate, increasing their absorption and product’s overall effectiveness.

To ensure the superior quality of their products, Genevia Lifesciences undergoes 3rd party accreditation from renowned international bodies with the highest standards in the industry, while using only sustainably sourced certified ingredients.

Sonia Spilioti, Head of Products in Genevia Lifesciences stated that: “To develop such a technologically advanced product in the food supplements sector was not an easy task. We have undergone several trials until we successfully managed to have the optimum result in terms of stability and effectiveness, but finally, we are proud to say that we managed to incorporate innovative technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness”.

Figure 1: Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® Development timeline

Figure 1: Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® Development timeline

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® unique technology characteristics:
-Unique combination of 20 supreme quality ingredients
-Fusion technology that keeps the product intact from oxidation
-3rd party tested Omega-3 fish oil tested for purity, potency, cleanliness, safety, and stability
-Ocean caps made of 100% fish gelatin, free from preservatives
-100% sustainable fishery practices